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Subscription Amount
$10,000+ Quarterly
Subscription Period
1 Quarter
Management Fee
2% per year over 10 years
Admin Fee
0.15% per year over 10 years
Starting Q4 2024, this fund will transition onto updated Rolling Fund admin fee pricing terms. See the Investment Details section for more.
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Note from Ben Zises

SuperAngel.Fund is an early stage fund that invests in Consumer, PropTech & Future of Work. The fund is led by Ben Zises who was the first investor and founding advisor to quip, Caraway & Arber, before each had its name. To date, the fund has invested in more than 50+ companies, many of which you’ve likely heard of.

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Investment Strategy
We invest where we are most passionate and have an informational, educational, access & network advantage: 
  • Stages: Pre-Seed through Series A (< $100MM)  
  • Target Check: $25k - $250k
  • Frequency: 5 - 10 Deals Per Quarter
  • Geography: U.S. Based   
*Exceptions will be considered on a selective basis (for exceptional opportunities)

The top performing venture funds deliver 3-4x over a 10 year hold period (20-30% IRR), and as such, that is the benchmark we aim to exceed 🚀.

Ben Zises - General Partner
  • Earliest check possible with deep conviction
  • Massive network to bring in other strategic capital 
  • Operational, sales & team building support 
  • Founder empathy, dedication & loyalty
  • Prior founder experience enables us to share learnings, provide unfair competitive advantage
    All resulting in…
  • Higher quality deal flow “access”
  • Identifying what it takes to achieve outsized results “selection”
Founders often describe me as their company’s #1 fan, providing continuous support and championing them throughout the short, medium, and long-term.
  • Simon Enever, Founder & CEO of quip: “Ben took an immediate interest in what we were building, instantly believing in our ability and vision. He wrote us the very first check within days and started making introductions to other strategic investors/advisors and helpful resources- during a time we needed it most. I am grateful to have Ben as our first investor and advisor, and recommend that any founder or co-investor find a way to work with him!”  
  • Jordan Nathan Founder & CEO of Caraway: “Ben has gone above and beyond as an advisor, our first investor, and mentor for myself and the Caraway team. Ben's proven track record and great success in the consumer space has been nothing short of invaluable to learn from. He is a huge value add to our business and we are a more successful company because of his efforts and time. We are lucky to have Ben as a partner and I am excited that he has joined us on our journey building Caraway!”
  • Vanessa Dawson Founder & CEO of Arber: "Ben fully embodies the term "Angel Investor". He’s with you from the start, when no one else is, believing in you and your vision and leveraging his extensive CPG knowledge and network to guarantee you succeed. Ben’s enthusiasm, process, strategy and pace were the reason I closed my pre-seed round ahead of plans. He was an invaluable first investor and I know he will be a long term member of the team!"  
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Key Selection Criteria
#1 Founder(s)/Team
  • Unwavering ambition to build a multibillion-dollar company 💰
  • Relentless pursuit of perfection, laser focus & product obsessed 📍
  • Ability to learn new things + absorb information fast ⚡
#2 Market/Category
  • Investments we feel uniquely qualified to assess + evaluate 🎯
  • Categories ripe for disruption 💥
  • Deep, authentic brand story, mission + vision (e.g. better for you, better for planet) 🌎
#3 Product/Traction
  • Cutting edge design & innovation across all brand touchpoints: product, packaging, unboxing, digital, photography, content, collateral, media, etc. 📸
  • Positive unit economics (day 1) & creative distribution tactics 📈
  • *Oftentimes we invest pre-product and, as such, rely even more heavily on #1 and #2 
Consistently recommended as one of the first investors to meet, the fund will invest in new companies & consider follow ons in existing portfolio companies that show breakout success/growth metrics. We already see over 200+ deals per month. Sources of deal flow include: Founders, VCs, LPs, Angels, Advisors, Service Providers, Email & Content Marketing, Social Media Presence, Databases, Panels, Events, Podcasts, Massive Personal & Professional Network

Due Diligence
The fund will consider a range of due diligence activities on a deal by deal basis, including reviewing: Corporate Records, Team References, Product Testing, Customer Interviews, Market Research, Competitor Research, Digital/Social Footprint, Prior Investor Updates, Legal/Accounting, Financials.

Portfolio Highlights*
Full Portfolio >

Feel free to email me or schedule a call if you have any other questions about investing.

Super Angel: Serial investors who are particularly sophisticated, insightful, or well connected in the early stage venture community.

*The companies featured in this list were selected due to their notoriety in the startup and venture capital community. This list is provided for illustrative purposes only and is not an exhaustive list of all investments made or involving the Fund Lead. A full list of the Fund Lead’s investment history is accessible using the above link.
Ben Zises

Investment Details

Subscription Start Date
April 1, 2024
Minimum Quarterly Subscription
Management Fee
Investors pay management fees of 2% per year for the first 10 years. Management fees are taken as a percentage of the total committed capital. The total management fee is paid out quarterly over the first four years of the fund's life.
Twenty percent (20%)
Admin Fee
0.15% per year over 10 years
Starting Q4 2024, this Rolling Fund will transition onto updated Rolling Fund pricing terms. Under these new pricing terms, each new quarterly fund in the Rolling Fund Program will pay an annualized rate of $2.5k + 0.2% of contributed capital over 10 years.

Fees for each quarterly fund in the Rolling Fund Program will vary based on each quarterly fund’s capital contributions since the fee includes a flat fee component. The last quarterly fund in this Rolling Fund Program closed $365.25k in contributed capital. Learn more about how to estimate your commitment’s fees at our help center.
Fund Lead Commitment
Ben Zises' personal subscription per quarter will be at least 2% of each quarterly fund's total committed capital with a quarterly cap of $25,000. Ben Zises may satisfy their GP commitment in part by waiving a portion of management fees otherwise owed to them by the fund. The remainder of the commitment will be contributed in cash.
Special Disclosure
Ben Zises may receive advisory shares for services rendered to portfolio companies, which may present a conflict of interest to the Fund

Investor FAQ

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The performance of past deals or a lead investors' track record is not a guarantee of future returns. Venture capital fund investments are inherently risky and illiquid. Such investments involve a high degree of risk and are suitable only for sophisticated and accredited investors.
AngelList and its affiliates do not provide investment advice to investors. The information on this page should not be relied upon as research, investment advice or a recommendation of any kind. Information on this page is qualified in its entirety by the fund's Limited Partnership Agreement, Private Placement Memorandum and Subscription Agreement, which should be reviewed carefully prior to making an investment decision. Please see these documents for full details regarding risks, minimum investment, fees and expenses. The Fund Lead and the fund's investment advisor have the right to waive or charge additional carry to certain investors. The fund's legal name may be different from the name used above.
This fund may accept new investors after the fund undergoes a valuation update. Certain potential investors in the fund may then have access to materially different information concerning fund value at the time of their investment.
Current or future portfolio companies in this fund may use AngelList's recruiting platform and may pay an affiliate of the fund's investment adviser for premium recruiting tools and services. This may create a potential conflict of interest for the investment adviser, which you will consent to by subscribing to the fund.
Please read the disclosures in full here.

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Subscription Amount
$10,000+ Quarterly
Subscription Period
1 Quarter
Management Fee
2% per year over 10 years
Admin Fee
0.15% per year over 10 years
Starting Q4 2024, this fund will transition onto updated Rolling Fund admin fee pricing terms. See the Investment Details section for more.
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