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Subscription Amount
$5,000+ Quarterly
Subscription Period
4-16 Quarters
Management Fee
2% per year over 10 years
Admin Fee (annualized)
$2.5k + 0.2% of contributed capital
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Note from Tom Preston-Werner

This fund, led by Tom Preston-Werner (GitHub cofounder), invests in early-stage technology companies. Our team, consisting of active founder-operators, also provides hands-on assistance, peer-to-peer support, and VC networking to increase the likelihood of portfolio companies' success. We will actively participate in follow-on rounds, building on Tom’s successful track record as an angel investor over the past decade.


Tom Preston-Werner

Tom is a startup investor and board member, inventor, entrepreneur, and open-source contributor. He is currently a co-founder of 128 Collective (climate philanthropy) and RedwoodJS (open-source app framework and community).
  • Active angel investor for ten years
  • GitHub Cofounder (acquired by Microsoft)
  • Board member at GitPod, Netlify, and HackClub
  • Created Jekyll, SemVer, Gravatar, and TOML

David S. Price

David is a technology entrepreneur, founder advisor, and open-source contributor. He is currently a cofounder of RedwoodJS (open source app framework and community) and developer in residence at 128 Collective (climate philanthropy).
  • Repeat founder
  • Experience building predictive models of competitive markets as an investment bank CTO
  • Academic background in mechanical and biomedical engineering and philosophy

A. David Thyresson

David (DT) is a technology entrepreneur, startup advisor, and open-source contributor. He is currently a technology consultant and Core Team Lead at RedwoodJS (open-source app framework and community).
  • Repeat founder (Entessa acquired by Energy Solutions International, Spogo acquired by Buzztime)
  • Startup CTO (Spogo, Sports Innovation Lab)


Why does this fund exist? What are the reasons to become an LP?

This Rolling Fund…
  • …is the vehicle for continuing and enhancing Tom’s investing (an evolution of angel investing for ten years)
  • …increases follow-on round participation (using an SPV when appropriate)
  • …provides an opportunity for individuals to invest alongside Tom as Rolling Fund LPs


In 2022, Tom invested approximately $10 million in 40 companies. (He led the GitPod $25M Series A.) The purpose of this fund is to continue a similar investment trajectory, including additional LP capital (dependent on market conditions).

Previous Investments

Tom has invested in more than 100 companies during the past ten years ( This is a short, representative list of his portfolio companies:
(last revised January 2023)


  1. Deal flow: High quality and quantity, inbound and outbound (because of Tom and RedwoodJS)
  2. Follow-on: Invest in later rounds of Tom’s current portfolio companies
  3. Evaluation: We are inventors and founders; we operate within the ecosystems where we invest, often seeking solutions to problems we encounter; we built an application framework used by startups; we run a peer-to-peer founders network
  4. Plan (and capability) to help startups achieve critical milestones: Help startups raise from top-tier VC firms (greatly increases the probability of a successful exit) and/or help startups achieve profitability
Due to past and current experiences, accomplishments, and credibility, we have a global reach with developers, entrepreneurs, and investors. We live (and have lived) in the Bay Area. We are strongly networked with reputable founders and investors.


What kind of investments will you make?

We focus on opportunities:
  • where we are experts (we are technologists, specifically software developers)
  • where we operate (we are active in the developer tooling and climate ecosystems)
  • where we have access to experts (we are strongly networked with technology and climate founders, scientists, and investors)



  1. Developer Tools (often COSS)
  2. RedwoodJS Ecosystem (both startups and integration partners)

Secondary and Emergent

  1. AI (especially adjacent to dev tools)
  2. Climate (both software and hardware)


  • We will continue to invest frequently in Pre-seed through Series A
  • We will sometimes invest limited capital in high-risk Angel rounds*
  • When possible, we will invest in follow-on rounds
  • When practical and opportune, we may invest in Series B and later
*The Redwood Startup Fund will be included in this Rolling Fund—Tom will contribute the committed capital to the Rolling Fund for investment
Tom Preston-Werner

Investment Details

Subscription Start Date
July 1, 2024
Minimum Quarterly Subscription
Minimum Subscription Period
4 Quarters
Management Fee
Investors pay management fees of 2% per year for the first 10 years. Management fees are taken as a percentage of the total committed capital. The total management fee is paid out quarterly over the first four years of the fund's life.
Twenty percent (20%)
Admin Fee (annualized)
$2.5k + 0.2% of contributed capital
Fees for each quarterly fund in the Rolling Fund Program will vary based on each quarterly fund’s capital contributions since the fee includes a flat fee component. Last quarter, this fund closed $1.92M in capital. Learn more about how to estimate your commitment’s fees at our help center.
Fund Lead Commitment
Tom Preston-Werner's personal subscription per quarter will be with a quarterly cap of $1,000,000.

Investor FAQ

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Subscription Amount
$5,000+ Quarterly
Subscription Period
4-16 Quarters
Management Fee
2% per year over 10 years
Admin Fee (annualized)
$2.5k + 0.2% of contributed capital
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