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$25,000+ Quarterly
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Note from Jude Gomila

Background on me

I am Founder & CEO of Golden (backed by a16z, Founders Fund, Giga Fund, DCVC, and others), where we are building a protocol for knowledge. I previously co-founded Heyzap, which sold to a public company in a deal reported at $45M. I went through Y Combinator in 2009 and have attended every single Demo Day since then, taking detailed notes on which companies I would back, which ones I would not then looking back on which ones turned out to work. I have a Master’s degree in Engineering from the Gonville and Caius, University of Cambridge where I learned everything from Stirling engines to design to how the eye functions and manufacturing of the world’s products.

Index core world problems

Many times I will think on a thesis for 10+ years before I come across the correct market timing to be the first cheque into the company. I have thousands of startups in my head that I’m either waiting for, seeking, shaping or in the case of Golden - building. In a nutshell, the objective is to solve the world’s largest problems via backing and building the best founding teams.

Early cheques in the right companies

  1. Ginkgo Bioworks — 2014 Seed. Custom organisms. Synthetic biology’s first unicorn.
  2. Airtable — 2013 Seed. Hybrid spreadsheet database. Unicorn with Series C. Valued $11.7B in 2021.
  3. Gusto — 2012 Seed. HR software. Unicorn with Series C. Valued $9.5B in 2021.
  4. Carta — Cap table management. Unicorn with Series E. Valued $7.4B in 2021.
  5. Benchling — 2014 Seed. R&D cloud platform. Unicorn with Series E. Valued $6.1B in 2021.
  6. Relativity Space — 2016 Seed. 3D printed rockets. Unicorn with Series D. Valued $4.2B in 2021.
  7. Ironclad — 2015 Seed. Intelligent contract management. Unicorn with Series E. Valued $3.2B in 2022.
  8. Mercury — 2017 Seed. Digital banking for startups. Unicorn with Series B. Valued $1.6B in 2021.
  9. Astra — Satellite delivery and launch services. Went public at $2.1B in 2021.
  10. Calm — Meditation and sleep app. Mental health’s first unicorn. Valued $2.2B in 2020.
  11. Solugen — 2017 Seed. No-emissions chemical production. Unicorn with Series C. Valued $1.8B in 2021.
  12. Boom Supersonic — 2016 Seed. Commercial supersonic planes. Unicorn with Series C.
  13. Astranis — 2016 Seed. Next generation internet satellites. Unicorn with Series C. Valued $1.4B in 2021.
  14. Human Interest — 2015 Seed. SMB 401(k) provider. Unicorn with Series D. Valued $1B in 2021.
  15. Apollo — 2016 Seed. All-in-one sales intelligence and engagement. $110M Series C.
  16. Codat — 2019 Pre-Seed. Universal API for small business data. $100M Series C.
  17. Superhuman — Email reimagined. $75M Series C.
  18. Cleartax — 2014 Seed. India’s largest tax and financial services software platform. $75M raised in 2021.
  19. Lively — 2018 Seed. Modern health savings account provider. $27M Series B. Top YC company.
  20. Ledger Insurance — 2017 Seed. An open insurance system that connects risk to capital. $75M Series B. Top YC company.

Investment & build areas

  • Company tech - things that run companies and make the more efficient and powerful
  • Knowledge systems - things that log human knowledge into organized systems
  • Robotics - things that automate physical work
  • Synthetic biology / bio eng - things that unlock biology as a medium
  • Business intelligence - things that unlock the potential of data
  • Business process automation - things that make business processes more efficient
  • General automation - any form of scalable automation
  • Modern food production
  • Manufacturing with synthetic biology (see my 2012 post)
  • Opening up space (see my 2012 blog post)
  • Transport - things that get us from A to B faster and cleaner
  • Clean X - making our building and working cleaner for the earth and beyond
  • Web3, crypto, decentralization - reorganization of systems into web3 principles and more economically efficient systems.
  • Area 52 - secret stuff here
  • New areas that don’t have names yet

Thesis-driven + operator perspective

  • Early cheques into the most important companies of the future
  • Founder driven, founder mindset and tips
  • Building centric
  • Winner takes all and monopoly plays
  • Network effect and moat centric
  • Portfolio mix of ‘obvious’ plays and ‘moon shots’

Notable LPs and people to learn from

Jude Gomila

Investment Details

Subscription Start Date
July 1, 2024
Minimum Quarterly Subscription
Minimum Subscription Period
4 Quarters
Management Fee
Investors pay management fees of 2% per year for the first 10 years. Management fees are taken as a percentage of the total committed capital. The total management fee is paid out quarterly over the first four years of the fund's life.
Twenty percent (20%)
Admin Fee (annualized)
$2.5k + 0.2% of contributed capital
Fees for each quarterly fund in the Rolling Fund Program will vary based on each quarterly fund’s capital contributions since the fee includes a flat fee component. Last quarter, this fund closed $776.46k in capital. Learn more about how to estimate your commitment’s fees at our help center.
Fund Lead Commitment
Jude Gomila's personal subscription per quarter will be at least $20,000. Jude Gomila will satisfy their GP commitment in part by waiving 80% of management fees otherwise owed to them by the fund.

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Subscription Amount
$25,000+ Quarterly
Subscription Period
4-8 Quarters
Management Fee
2% per year over 10 years
Admin Fee (annualized)
$2.5k + 0.2% of contributed capital
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